About early institutional investors

Hi, guys. My name is Owen :smiley:
I am new here and glad to be one of community members.

I have viewed most of forum posts and have a question.
It seems that early institutional investors and advisors are not involved in community governance and discussions.Will they actively vote or exercise their right to govern?


Hey @Owen . Nice to have you here!

The institutional investors/advisors are in contact behind the scenes and also using their voting power on snapshot votes. Granted they could take more of an active participation on the forums, but i wouldnt take this as the only indication of activity

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Thanks your reply. I am beginner in on-chian government. I am not yet familiar with this new form of governance, especially i am living in China. I like mStable teams and community members


Hey @Owen this is fair point. Many of our investors are very involved behind the scenes but it would be great to see them here more. I’ve forward this post to them as a kick up the b******!

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