[Active Signal] Integrations of mAssets into yield farming projects


Proposed by a community member (@Leg), to integrate mASSETS into yield farming projects to increase TVL.


When a new project like YAM comes out for the first time, and MTA is one of the supported deposits for farming, then MTA holders can stake MTA to farm, many will also buy MTA to do so, which is great for MTA’s price.

Taking the same concept to mUSD, people now either need to mint mUSD or buy mUSD to be able to farm YAMs, which means they’ll have to interact with mStable which generates fees, increases TVL, not much mUSD in SAVE therefore high SAVE interest, which benefits the whole mStable system, not just MTA holders.

The distinction is that catering for MTA integration only benefits MTA holders, which is a relatively short term benefit, while catering for mAsset integration benefits mStable: stakers, holders, users.
High SAVE rates => more users => higher TVL => more coverage and more attractive for projects to integrate with us. Ideally, we get other, more permanent forms of adoption as well.


Higher SAVE rates, more users and increasing TVL in mStable


  • Potentially higher SAVE rates and users
  • More coverage and more attractive for projects to integrate with us



From my understanding this is primarily at the discretion of the yield farming project itself, and so would require a bit more of a push from the community side for this to be accepted. In terms of the benefits though - it would obviously be great to have this volume coming through and contributing to the TVL and APY!

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Community members should be on the lookout for upstart yield farming projects. These projects often include tokens based on community feedback so there can be opportunities for us to suggest using an mAsset and/or MTA and voting for these assets in any polls.

Community members can also post about these new projects in the mStable discord server to raise awareness and encourage others to join the project and encourage the use of mAssets and/or MTA.

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This is relevant to the current dHedge DHT/MTA proposal - I think we should go for it @derc, thoughts?

@james.simpson awesome idea, @dereksilva we should push this discussion alongside dHedge’s over the weekend for discussion and vote.

Definitely a good way to expand the ecosystem and community

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I’d like to get a formal community vote on this. Can we organise that in time? Remembering that the proposal stated that monday was the latest.

I’d also probably propose that we do a trial period of 2-3 weeks for the dht pool to derisk mstable