Alchemix contracts

This week mStable released the Alchemix USD (alUSD) Feeder Pool. Here’s the technical details of this release.

Newly deployed contracts to mainnet were
fPmUSD/alUSD impl 0x442f3874f0f983fb64d4c989bb6465a22ba9f8fe
fPmUSD/alUSD proxy 0x4eaa01974B6594C0Ee62fFd7FEE56CF11E6af936
v-fPmUSD/alUSD impl 0xc522b0135d152d20c9ba87a8e4dae5597056043e
v-fPmUSD/alUSD proxy 0x0997dDdc038c8A958a3A3d00425C16f8ECa87deb
Alchemix integration 0xd658d5fDe0917CdC9b10cAadf10E20d942572a7B

The Liquidator is also being upgraded to 0x42795Db4D652510be7c122D9781cB7ec1DBCe4f2. It takes 7 days before the change to the Liquidator proxy to point to the new implementation can be approved.

The updated mStable contracts diagram is

The latest contracts have been released in the @mstable/protocol package v2.2.3

The new Alchemix processes are