Asset Management subDAO Discretionary Fund Management Whitelist

Hi everyone,

as ratified via Meta Governance in TDP 41, this post serves as a list of approved protocols for which the Asset Management subDAO is allowed to manage funds on behalf of Meta Governors of value up to 1M mUSD worth.

As new Protocols will be added, I will update this post and carry out the veto process proposed in the TDP above accordingly.

If you got any questions or other feedback, then please feel free to post as well, and I’ll moderate this thread to keep it neat and tidy :sunglasses: :+1:

Discretionary Management Protocol Whitelist

Aura Finance











Ondo Finance


Fei Protocol

Rari Capital

Whitelist Proposal Notification for Aura Finance

Just as we unleash the new Whitelist and process on the forum, there arrives our first protocol to test this new process out with!

Our good soul @dimsome has discovered that we qualify for the Aura Finance Airdrop to further boost rewards and maximize potential on both the 80/20 BAL/WETH, but more importantly, the 80/20 MTA/WETH pool by actively voting on the upcoming Aura gauges.

As some of you might know, we’re keen to utilizing Aura Finance in the near future to stake our BPT to gain additional rewards and easier boosts via the new Balancer veBAL tokenomics that Aura Finance builds on top of.

Because of this, it is suggested to start the process of whitelisting Aura Finance for discretionary management by the Asset Management subDAO to claim all Airdrops from relevant mStable related ventures and wallets that qualify, transfer them to the Asset Management subDAO and lock them on Aura Finance to maximize rewards for our own MTA/WETH pool moving forward.

As per TDP 41, if we do not receive any veto on this in the next 72 hours by Meta Governors in written form here on this thread, it is assumed that Meta Governors are fine with this decision and Aura Finance will then be added to the Discretionary Management Protocol Whitelist above!

Very much looking forward to seeing us coming to a passive consensus in this way, and excited to see us being able to take advantage of this new agile governance process!

EDIT: The Proposal passed and Aura Finance has been added to the Whitelist!