[Closed] Move rewards from 95/5 MTA/mUSD pool to staking


Move the rewards from the 95/5 MTA/mUSD pool to staking


There are discussions in Discord by community members (ape_together_strong, ninonomad) that the 95/5 MTA/mUSD should be used as a bridge to v1 staking and hence, when v1 staking is live, taking the rewards from this pool and channeling it to staking makes sense to improve the value of staking MTA versus pooling.


The recent price run-up MTA has also caused some impermanent losses for those who are bullish on MTA but also contributed to liquidity pooling.

At the same time, with V1 of staking where there is no recollateralisation, to incentivize the community to participate in governance which will then be used as data to fine-tune for V2 of the staking contract, there should be some rewards to recover some opportunity costs.

We should look into ways to make staking more attractive


  • Bullish MTA holders will not suffer as much IL
  • Incentivizes staking and community governance


  • High gas costs to exit pools now

Superceded by the new discussion on winding down this pool.