[Discussion] Add ETH to mUSD mint method


Add eth deposit to the mUSD Mint method.
The eth deposited will be used to purchase the least amount of USD assets in the Basket Pool.
(or most cheap StableCoin like arbitrage)

The purchased USD will be used to Mint mUSD.


some services, like SetProtocol, are buying Basket assets by simply depositing Eth.
This improves the user experience.

Also, Balance within mUSD is currently skewed and problematic.
After the eth deposit, the mUSD can choose which assets to purchase, which allows for diversification.


Improving the user experience
Decentralization of the BasketPool

need to be creative with UX design.

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It’s an interesting proposal. We could use another dex to buy the token with the least coins in the basket. And if there’s going to be an integration with another dex then it could really be coded for any erc20.

A con would be complicating our protocol. I’d much rather see dex aggregators integrate mstable than us trying to implement all of them. Another con would be it would make it much less clear that we are a basket of stablecoins.

Interesting idea…does anyone else have thoughts on this?

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