[Discussion] DFGC Bylaws

Does the community have a public set of “bylaws” ???

I mean, did govs ever agree on how they govern?

I cant find ANY defi gov communities with solid bylaws. I think mStable govs have a great opportinity to show the world that DFGCs (decentralized finance governance communities) actually can work.


I think decentralized governance is still a very new concept but I am personally very excited about the opportunities to self-govern within a DAO

Me too. A new world indeed :smiley:. I think founding governors need their own “constitution” so that future govs can build on it.

A lot of communities lock out little guys (ie Uniswap) with huge holdings threshholds. I would hate to see some rich person ruin mStable 50 years from now…

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The wonderful thing is anyone can propose a constitution!!!

I decided to set TokenTalk up as “TokenTalk | Governance Community Chat” and the slogan will be “Make better choices.”

I am coding the tutorial as there will be 10 ways for members to earn points…
AirDrop Points

Thise will be stakeable points to earn a share of hourly ClubCredit distributions.

CC can be used to buy ad slots, feature blog posts, and buy votes.

Voters decide on point distribution amounts, ad credit costs, and club css settings.

Votes can be staked… Etc etc…

The backbone is tutorial based to learn deFi concepts and I am seriously considering naming mStable as the primary source of revenue recycling for perpetual charitable giving and member erc20 airdrops (Senators vote on that topic).

Not trying to pamp my infantile project as much as saying I gotta build my own constitution first.

Isn’t this similar to what The Ether tries to solve? Might be worth looking into their project and then seeing how a possible collaboration could happen in regards to your goals, or even have your vision be a part of theirs.

I may not have been clear. It would more accurately be named (as I am authoring it) Voter’s Bill of Rights and Governance Guidelines

It will be simple and clean and give a foundation for governors to build upon in their governing strategies.

Furthermore, it solves expectations for things like Rewards Programs (everything needs a name, so it can also have meaning).

"In matters regarding perpetual rewards distributions, governors should consider the value of having a clearly set duration for all program as equally important as setting the start date.

This will allow potential participants to weigh gas costs and make better decisions.

Quarterly program reviews also allow project administrators to plan resources (people and time) accordingly."

:point_up: (from Guidelines: Rewards Programs)

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