[Discussion] Discussion of Re-Allocate pools

There is currently a vote on whether to Re-Allocate in Snapshot.
Although it says “Existing”, I think allocation to new Pools should be an option, so I’d like to identify the candidates in this thread. :smiley:
Pools that have not yet been discussed in the Forum will be targeted.

1)Existing pool
This should be vote.

  • curve mUSD
  • balancer USDC50/mUSD50
  • uniswap MTA/ETH
  • balancer ETH50/mUSD50
    I have an opinion on each Pool, but I won’t go into it here.
  1. SAVE
    Add MTA rewards to SAVE.
    I posted the idea on Discord and there was a support for it, so I’m proposing it in Forum.
    SAVE doesn’t offer utilities outside of mStable, but if we can compete with other services on APY, it could be adopted into our strategy on Yearn and Harvest and grow TVL significantly.

  2. Uniswap ETH/mUSD
    ETH can act as a bridge currency within Uniswap and can be settled in uni -> weth -> musd, for example.
    This provides good accessibility when a casual user with uni, for example, wants to use save with musd.
    If we can reduce slippage, may be able to compete for payment currency status.

Uniswap has x9 more tvl and x25 more vol than Balancer. (11/3 data)
It is very important to win here.

As for the opposing view, I would like to get opinion in terms of “this Pool should not be voted”.
Please let me know if you have any other idea. :slight_smile:

I’d like to propose an incentivized Bancor pool. I think their new v.2.1 release is extremely promising and pretty much removes impermanent loss due to their elastic BNT shielding, given you pool the tokens for 100 days. It also allows for single-sided liquidity provision, which might be a huge upside for many LPs.

It is not big yet (the past hacks still rub some people the wrong way), but especially with volatile tokens ala MTA, I think we should consider this option and perhaps try seeking a partnership with Bancor and allocate the rewards there, similar to what happened to CRV.

If we get Bancor to incentivize the pool with extra BNT rewards, we could really hit an early mover advantage here, and get a lot more attention to this pool.

My 2cts =)

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Thank you for your opinion!

I think BancorV2 is a very good idea.
It’s small in terms of trading value at the moment, but it may certainly be worth considering.
In terms of single-sided liquidity on an emerging exchange, DODO may be an option.
However, DODO has narrowed down the pairs, so there is negotiation involved.

15K reallocation of compensation is a rare opportunity, so I’d love to advance the discussion and elevate it to a voting option. :smiley: