[Discussion] Proposal for alternate 5:95 rewards re-allocation

It seems the general consensus is that rewards from 5:95 should be wound down.

After some discussion, I would like to propose a second option for distributing the 15k rewards.

  • Leave 2.5k on the current 5:95 pool
  • Place 5k on the 25x4 pool in the primary proposal
  • Place 7.5k on the new 95:5 pool in the primary proposal

alsco77 brought up the gas cost to change pools… Something I felt is a fault of the imbalanced pool setup vote so a kind of “duh tax”…

If we remove 100% of rewards from the 5:95, we may have to pay another “duh tax”…

ZapperFi and plenty of others … Pools .fyi… Defipulse… Etc promote incentivized pools by placing at higher search positions. It is nice.

So say Joe Shmo bought the 5:95 for rewards + safe hodling (mUSD).

Do we want to make this a situation where they lose gas fees, suffered some IL and APY drops from plummeting MTA prices, etc…

Let’s keep them on our side… Lower the rewards and incentivize NON-mUSD hodlers to seek better apy elsewhere…

As LP leave the 5:95 and re-allocate to 95:5 or 25x4, MTA price should go up (takes buying to buy in from 5% to 25% or 95% weights).

:point_up: MTA and fewer LP in the 5:95 will raise the APY for the mUSD hodlers and …

Wait for it…

It is a win:win:win:win Staker:LP:Investor/Speculator:HODLs

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If nobody else submits alternate re allocation proposals, I have proposals for

1 pool setup (superpool)
2 pool set (my 1st Prop)
3 pool set (above)
4 pool (above + superpool)
5 pool (4 pool + utility pool)

Option sets for allocations.

In order to make good use of 15k/wk mta, and given the fact that there is $4m funds that may reallocate, I am only proposing a 3,4 or 5 pool solution.

But just to be clear (the 2.5k 5k 7.5k setup would be best imo)

Some people been asking what my final opinion is…