[Discussion] Provide swap functionality to aggregator services


Simply describe the outcome the proposed change intends to achieve. This should be non-technical and accessible to a casual community member.


Aggregator services such as paraswap, debank and zapper are on the rise.
Many people use these services to exchange stable currency for each other. Getting them to use them is a great way to promote mStable.


Although mStable issuance is increasing, the number of holders is low and its use is not widespread.
By using aggregator services, we can encourage people to use and promote mStable.

To do this, you need to contact to them.


mStable promotion.
Enhanced liquidity through the use of Swap.
Increase in commission income.

We don’t have enough Dai and USDC to call in enough Swap.
In the unlikely event that the USDT peg is removed, there will probably be more USDT in the pool.


ZapperFI supports MTA and mUSD (Invest->search MTA). It shows Uniswap and Balancer pools with Liquidity rewards icons.

First, thanks for starting this and for your first post being about promoting mStable’s growth @mamedai. :slight_smile:

Second, this is a great idea and something the core team can add to the business development strategy. Matcha has already included mStable in its platform, and it looks like others are picking up SWAP as well and embedding it (e.g. DexKit). There’s no reason why this can’t be more widespread, especially after the new AMM goes live.


I am not sure if DexKit(.com) is doing exactly what @mamedai is describing.

I know I have mentioned DK a few times but the OP post is why!

I checked usdt<>usdc on DK and it was 0.001% fee but sUSD<>usdt<>usdc was 1.5% swap fee (on the day sUDD added was the same day I tested).

And now their aggregator picked up sUSD in the basket!

Is this what @mamedai is talking about?

I say u keep DAI in the basket… DexKit and similar aggs / Farming as a Service will utilize it HEAVILY.

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Yes, DexKit is probably using SWAP as part of their aggregator. 1inch also includes SWAP as part of their potential trading routes. And SAVE depositors benefit from these trades, even if they don’t happen within our dapp.