[Discussion] Set minimum basket weight


Set minimum basket asset weights for bAssets


Proposed by community members including @chuckle17 and @notreallyleg, currently the basket assets for mUSD have a max weight of 55%, maybe it makes sense to add a minimum weight of 10%. Having minimum weights would ensure there is some of each asset in the basket which has value in terms of optics (the pool does not look “drained” of the asset) but also is valuable to diversify the passive income from the basket assets

For instance DAI has consistently high returns on lending platforms but mStable SAVErs do not experience these higher rates since there is little to no DAI in the mUSD basket typically so far

The upside would be we retain exposure to some of these coins, but functionally, it doesn’t actually do much, because swaps/mint/redeem functions are still limited once those limits are hit

The other possibility is to drastically hike fees for transactions that drain low weight reserves beyond some limit, but that makes mStable look like a poor AMM


Several basket assets have been constantly drained off the pool and there’s no liquidity.