✔️ [Funding Request] mStable Ecosystem subDAO (Sep-Dec 2022)

Funding Request: mStable Ecosystem subDAO


This funding request is intended to fund all operations of the Ecosystem subDAO from September 2022 through December 2022. The Ecosystem subDAO is the end result of merging the previous Grants DAO and the Community subDAO

The Ecosystem subDAO, which is a subsidiary of the mStableDAO, will be established to further decentralize the funding, planning, and execution of community-centric and initiatives. It operates with the goal of supporting and growing a strong ecosystem of users and integration partners around the mStable platform. The Ecosystem subDAO will function independently from the other wings of the mStableDAO.

Examples of initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of the Official mStable Discord
  • Moderator Compensation
  • Management of Coordinape
  • Planning of Community Events (Trivia, Game Nights, etc.)
  • Operation of the Dework Bounty Board
  • Researching new ways to better the mStable community i.e. the integration of platforms such as Dework
  • Managing and creating content for mStable

A full itemized list of funding initiatives can be found in the “Amount Requested” portion of this Proposal. Funding received will be utilized to optimally run the subDAO to carry out its initiatives and meet its objectives.

Internal Structure

The Ecosystem subDAO will comprise three (3) signers. The three positions will be filled by Fungus, Derc, and trustindistrust.

  • Derc - Content Growth and Marketing. Derc will contribute to mStable’s growth through community engagement, partnerships, strategic input; and to content creation via social media, articles, and documentation
  • trustindistrust - Community subDAO operations i.e. championing Dework
  • Fungus - Community and subDAO manager/lead. Responsible for efficient operation of the subDAO and the obtaining of its objectives

Community Manager Role & Responsibilities

To ensure a smooth experience for both the community and mStable’s core contributors when interacting with the Ecosystem subDAO, Fungus’ role will be expanded in order to facilitate and allow for an increased set of responsibilities.

In addition to the responsibilities below, the Community Manager will take a leadership role in the Ecosystem subDAO by guiding and directing priorities and providing oversight of the subDAO’s operations. This includes acting as the lead signer of the subDAO and main point of contact for any queries and other liaisons within the wider mStable ecosystem relating to the Ecosystem subDAO.

Further information on lead signer responsibilities are outlined in TDP-47.

Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1.) Schedule and organize AMAs, Governance Calls, Community Calls, Metanaut Spotlight Calls, Friday Hangouts and other social events in the Official mStable Discord.

2.) Leverage Dework to facilitate the creation of POAPs, related art and graphics for events and social media.

3.) Join mStable related group chats and communication channels with other Decentralized Finance protocols and digital asset adjacent companies to align on timelines for hosting events on the respective Discord Servers

4.) Closely work with the Ecosystem subDAO signers and other mStable contributors to prepare these events, and otherwise assist in their smooth and successful execution

5.) Oversight of and hands on involvement during the setup, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the Dework bounty board to ensure it runs optimally and is providing the intended value to the community and protocol

6.) Curation of these recordings with relevant timestamps, descriptions, and sorting in the official mStable social media channels(YouTube / Twitter / Discord) (PickACrypto has been helping to create timestamps)

7.) Bi-weekly calls with Community & mStable DAO Cat Herder (mZeroNine) to align on deliverables, schedules, and sync up on tasks and responsibilities within the ecosystem

8.) Support and moderation of the public communication channels of mStable (Discord and official forum)

9.) Help in maintaining the Notion space for the mStableDAO

10.) Assistance on Business Development resource development and outreach, especially relating to ventures that concern the community and ecosystem as a whole

11.) Flexible assistance & general support for the wider mStable ecosystem and their core contributors when required

13.) Research and explore new tools to enhance the mStable community. Previous examples include incorporating platforms like Coordinape and Dework

Amount Requested

Below is an itemized list of all funding initiatives: September 2022 - December 2022


  • Combined Salaries for Ecosystem subDAO members - $25,066.68
  • mStable Merchandise - $4,000
  • Discord Server Costs - $175
  • Signer gas costs - $500
  • Buffer amount - $3000

Total mUSD - $32,741.68


  • Dework Bounties - (POAPS, Banners, NFT’s, and other design initiatives) - 30,000
  • Community Events - 18,750
  • Discord Moderators - 25,000
  • Raffles - 6,250
  • Rewards for Completing Surveys etc. -1,875
  • Tips - 1,250

Total MTA - 83,125

Any surplus of mUSD or MTA at the end of the funding period, after accounting for any outstanding accounts payable, will be returned to the TreausuryDAO.

Terms of Request: Milestones, KPI’s

Timeline: 9/22 - 12/22. This funding request will carry the Ecosystem subDAO through the remainder of 2022. A monthly report will be created to track spending on initiatives, and list upcoming ventures.

⦁ Successful utilization of Dework, defined through the regular successful posting, quality assurance, task completion, and payout of various bounties where previously defined deliverables that add value to the mStable ecosystem are met
⦁ Hosting of regular community events: Community Calls, AMA’s, Game Nights, Trivia where community members are rewarded through their participation via one or more of the following: POAP’s, NFT’s, MTA rewards, special discord roles, recognition in official announcements, and so on.
⦁ Miscellaneous community engagement activities such as the music competitions, raffles, and so on
⦁ Agreed upon report will be posted to the forum on a monthly basis per the requirements of TDP-47

Key Point of Contact/Liaison for the Cat Herder

The Community Manager will act as the Ecosystem subDAO point of contact for the Cat Herder. Any requests coming directly from the mStableDAO will be handled via this channel in order to ensure speedy resolutions of any topics or other ecosystem related queries.


Bullish on the Ecosystem subDAO, and derc, trust and Fungus have a proven track record of being good contributors.

I wonder about some of the MTA calculations.

  • Coordinape should be sunset in my opinion, after the weeks of initial utilisation it doesn’t get widely used anymore. I am more for shifting the focus on the Bounties.
  • What would be the use of MTA for Community Events? (Trivia, Raffle, correct?
  • Discord Moderators: How many do we have now that get MTA? Discord has been rather quiet lately.
  • Rewards for completing Surveys: Is this something we could tap into when we do some more user testing? How would I go about and request the amounts (any process)?

And then more broadly: How do we ensure that the tasks for Dework don’t overlap or interfere with the builderSubDAO? Would we align on those, or would our Cat Herder be the point of coordination?

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Same here, bullish on the proposal and nominated people.

My only point is about the mStable merchandise allocation which looks a bit low. I don’t know what we plan to release but I’m afraid $3,000 just cover a small t-shirts production. Btw I also see $3,000 buffer amount which I suspect might cover additional merchandise production.

100% agree and my first thought too. I would suggest shifting this funding straight to bounties.

Has this sort of activity been expensed in the past? Could you provide more examples of this and the “etc?”

I feel discomfort at voicing support for this, since I’m named in it.

Instead, I’ll say that the coordinape sunsetting seems reasonable to me.

As for Dework tasks, since I would be writing those and monitoring them, as well as managing the people who came forward to complete them, naturally I wouldn’t put up bounties for tasks that should rightfully be completed by the builder DAO.

However, to ensure there wasn’t overlap, that would require the builder DAO to make public its task set or roadmap, so that I could ascertain that there wasn’t a collision, or could ask for clarification if there was some sort of ambiguity.

Alternatively, a builder DAO individual could monitor the task board, and alert me (or any future wrangler) to a collision in a posted task.

I want to avoid simply asking the Dework wrangler to constantly be running by “is this task okay?” messages to builder DAO members, as this wastes time and adds friction.


@dimsome @OliJ I think sunsetting Coordinape, or at least putting it on hiatus is a reasonable approach right now given its current lack of utilization. If excitement around Metavaults results in a more active community, I’d like to leave open the door for future implementation. On a side note, I have been researching web3 social media platforms that may serve as a more effective solution, but that is a conversation for another day.

@dimsome Regarding MTA for future events - Yes they would be used for raffles, the monthly music competition, trivia, and game nights mainly

@dimsome We have two moderators currently: @hedgeh0g & @OliJ. We had three earlier in the year but have now trimmed down to two.

@dimsome & @OliJ - Yes, this portion is for user testing and feedback as we roll out and gather feedback on our products and user experiences more widely. @dimsome perhaps you can chime in regarding the extent that we’ve used surveys in the past

@malandraj - Valid point. A somewhat unresolved question is whether the Ecosystem subDAO would be solely responsible for merchandise or if we would land at some sort of soft agreement of shared responsibilities with the Builder subDAO, particularly since that DAO will be handling event planning. But yes, that buffer amount is intended to cover incidental cost overruns including when ordering merchandise.

@dimsome @trustindistrust Regarding task overlap - It’d be ideal if the Ecosystem subDAO is given some kind of roadmap periodically. In addition, the Builder subDAO is more than welcome to utilize the Dework bounty board to outsource tasks where it makes sense. If the Ecosystem subDAO feels a task may fall under the Bulder subDAO we will surely reach out to properly align. Through some basic communication and conscientiousness I feel we can avoid overlap.

The main questions left to answer thus far are:

  1. Does anyone oppose sunsetting Coordinape? If we sunset it, should funds be reallocated to the Dework bounty board?
  2. Will merchandise be a shared responsibility between the Ecosystem and Builder subDAO’s respectively? Based on that answer, do we have enough funding allocated for this?
  3. Does my proposal for avoiding task overlap between the Builder subDAO and the Dework bounty board sound agreeable?

I appreciate all the feedback given thus far.

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Thanks @Fungus and everyone else for the input.

  1. I agree with stopping Coordinape for now. Maybe revisiting after 4 months in the next funding request makes sense. Either reallocating to the bounty board or just reducing the requested amount slightly seem like good options. One thing to note is that a new epoch is due to start in less than a week so if there is consensus here they we could go ahead and stop it in advance of that next round.

  2. I think merch could be a shared cost if some was to be used for events hosted by the Builder subDAO and some was to be used for community prizes etc. Given that, maybe this is enough for this request.

  3. Makes sense. Good communication is going to be important for any tasks that have overlap with the Builder subDAO to make sure tasks are aligned with project goals and that the quality of work is high.

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@Fungus - thanks for putting together this proposal. This is very well thought out in my view and reasonable.

One question is about the moderator MTA expenses (25k). Can you confirm that this their payment/grant is paid out in a fixed amount of MTA and not paid in MTA according to a fixed amount of USD? Just concerned that the DAO might need to pay out a lot of MTA should the price decrease.

I’m ok with sunsetting Coordinape if there is consensus in this direction. I’d probably lean on just cutting it out of the request to reduce MTA emissions, but open to ideas here.

I would lean on us seeing what we need for merch. 4 months isn’t long and we’re liklely going to need it in the new year more than in the coming months. What do you think @soulsby ?

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How about we consolidate the proposed use of the Coordinape MTA and instead redirect them towards the merch Merch/Swag inventory?

This would also address the concern @malandraj voiced earlier in the thread.

Thank you good ser for your clarifications. @Fungus

Not sure you asked this, but we did do the MTA Raffle among all participants in the questionnaire. We also plan to do more user testing in which we would like to reward participants. Would be good if we can tap this bucked for such requests.

This is a good point. We probably should find a way to align a bit on the overall goals, then each would have autonomy without stepping on each other toes. This is something we should probably align regularly, and consider in our sprint planning.

Yes agree on that, when starting with this bounty, we should define how we will do that.

100% agree with that!

A consideration here is that MTA is less useful in paying to produce merch so it would make more sense to just request more USD and less MTA. However, given that the Builder subDAO could chip in for any merch that might be created, I would support James’ suggestion of just reducing the requested MTA amount a little.


I can confirm this is a fixed MTA amount. The total MTA allocated for moderator pay will not change during the duration of this funding request.

Since there is disagreement over how to handle the Coordinape MTA allocation, I will alter the proposal so some of those funds are allocated to merch while the rest will be cut to help lower emissions. Moreover, the Ecosystem subDAO will operate conservatively when considering using these funds.

Update: I’ve cut 100% of the 16,250 MTA from Coordinape and total MTA allotment and added 1k to the merch section in mUSD. At current prices this is just under 44 percent of the 16,250 MTA in dollar terms.

If no other comments, we will finalize this proposal tomorrow.

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Thanks everyone for your continued feedback and contribution to shape this Funding Request.

I will now formally propose this Request on Github, and will let you know in this thread once it has been merged. Please do not provide feedback during this transition, as we’re only using one thread instead of the usual RFC/Formal route, due to the sheer size of these requests.

After the proposal has been merged into a TDP, discussions and debate can resume, based on the current state! :saluting_face:

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This Funding Request has now been formally proposed under TDP 49, and discussions around this can now resume based on this document.

Next Steps

Pending no significant changes to its content, this proposal will be taken to a Snapshot vote on Monday, the 5th of September 2022.

Voting will be open for a 5 days window to give adequate time for a concurrent discussion. Governors can change their vote at any time should the discussion sway their decision. We look forward to hearing what MTA token holders have to say and seeing how they cast their votes.

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One thing that came to mind today in a call with Cam is that it wasn’t clearly defined if the MTA and mUSD are going to be streamed or paid upfront.

Unless there are strong opinions, we would be going down the same line as the Builder subDAO request and stream the mUSD portion (after an initial upfront payment to get through the first month), and send the whole MTA allocation in one go.

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Happy Friday everyone!

This vote has resolved unanimously in favor, and the TreasuryDAO will begin the issuance of the funds in the coming days, and we’ll update on the progress as it happens! :sunglasses: :+1: