Gelt project: Gelt September Update

I’m very excited to share our first monthly Gelt update (funded by mStable grant #QmcTVbu)

What is Gelt?

Gelt is a compliant, non-custodial, fiat on/off-ramp to mStable Save for non-crypto users. You can think of Gelt as the DeFi equivalent to a savings account for maintream users (including insurance via smart contract cover). Our goal is to democratize access to DeFi by recreating the UX of a traditional Fintech app with Web3/mStable under the hood.

September update

  • We’re in the final stage of the initial Polygon integration with QA starting next week. If you want to try out what is probably the most user-friendly — yet non-custodial — fiat on/off-ramp to mStable, please get in touch :slightly_smiling_face: Massive thanks to @Dimsome @alsco77 @james.lefrere and @naddison for their support on the integration and the grants DAO for funding the grant request!
  • Gelt was selected to be part of the current DeFi Alliance cohort — we’ve been spreading the good word about mStable at DA and Demo Day is in 2 weeks which should also shine some good light on mStable in DeFi circles.
  • Gelt is also now backed by Village Global (the investment firm funded by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Diane Green and many other established entrepreneurs). This helps Gelt build trust with non-DeFi users and is a great catalyst to drive adoption of DeFi/Gelt/mStable in the mainstream
  • We’re looking for a Head of Growth and Social Media & Community Manager to join the team

In short, great thing ahead! If have any feedback, questions or want to be involved in any way please get in touch!

Ad Astra :rocket:


That’s a great update! Good to see that Gelt is doing so well and can’t wait for the launch of the save integration!

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Big congratulations to you guys, and I’m super stoked to see this become the wallet to easily on-board anyone into DeFi and mStable’s ecosystem! :partying_face: