Governance: Discussion on the forum

Hello everyone, I will be helping to facilitate governance for the community.

We are formalizing some guidelines on how the community can effectively participate in discussions with the aim of generating consensus.

While discussing some of these issues in Discord as an informal channel is important, ideas should be formalized in the forum which requires some deeper level of understanding of the issues at hand.

It’s easy for anyone from the community to create a discussion in the governance category - this will make it easy to search and enable the community to follow a topic easily.

The top-level post of the discussion should include a summary of the issue and illustrate some of the pros and cons for that issue, and constantly updated as the discussion progresses.

Of course, this is just a guideline so feel free to contribute your thoughts on this matter as well.


Echoing @derc here, looking forward to seeing where we all take this.

Thanks @derc! Looking forward on making amazing progress with our community!

This post is my first for a Discourse forum. So far, I like it, but need to learn more about the features.

Only question so far is: Is there a dark mode?

Yeah @chuckle17 you can set up dark mode in Preferences (on the top right!) > Interface > Theme > Dark

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