Logical diagram of mStable contracts

The below diagram is a high level logical diagram of the mStable contracts. It doesn’t include all contract dependencies as the diagram becomes too cluttered. The idea is to show the main contract dependencies at a high level.

The diagram simplifies contracts by not showing proxy or library contracts. eg mBTC has a proxy contract in front of it and uses a library contract which are not shown.

The storage dependencies are when a contract has the location of another contract in its storage or an immutable variable set on contract deployment.
The memory dependency are when a contract’s address is passed in the function parameters so is a looser dependency.
The Nexus dependencies go through the Nexus contract which abstracts different modules in the mStable contracts.


Love this. Gonna blow it up as a piece of art on my wall. Am I unwell?

At the very least let’s make this an NFT @jwpe


Not unwell just ahead of the curve sir. There are ways of issuing it as an NFT we can explore should Mr Addison agree to becoming an NFT artist :grin:

Big brain games only

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