mBTC EARN pool incentives

Posted by a representative of the mStable DAO

The mStable DAO is responsible for managing MTA and mUSD in treasury on behalf of the mStable community and protocol. It is the entity that is tasked with funding EARN pool rewards, Grants, and any other expenditures of the mStable treasury. It is currently maintained by 6 signers, who ratify decisions on behalf of MTA governors.

In future, MTA token holders will vote directly to determine what the DAO does.


In order to incentivise liquidity for mBTC once it launches, the mStable DAO is proposing to allocate a weekly MTA reward to an mBTC EARN pool. These rewards will flow to one pool only.

The mStable DAO is seeking the community’s feedback on the amount of MTA that should be allocated to this mBTC pool, and where the pool should be created. We see the range of options being:

  • 0-20k in weekly MTA rewards for the pool
  • A Curve or Sushiswap pool with corresponding CRV or SUSHI rewards alongside MTA

We are seeking the community’s feedback on these options. If you have other suggestions too please let them be heard.

These items are currently open for voting. Snapshot votes can be found here and expire on Sunday Jan 31st.

Reward amount vote

Pool location vote