mStats Project July Update

mStats Development Update

July 2021

Dear friends, we got a dashboard!

This first test version was shared with the metanauts and the level of feedback and ideas that came from the community is both overwhelming and encouraging, to say the least. We are doing our best to record this in a structured way here, as this can, and should be, the basis for the future development and roadmap of the mStable dashboard.

We are also quite happy that a lot of the ideas and suggestions were already on our radar!

The dashboard is ready to be merged and deployed on the page, a task that might take some time and requires coordination with the mStable team. We will keep you updated.

Dashboard: revolutions

Even though it started as a project to deliver weekly snapshots of some key metrics and stats, our vision for this project has grown into an online dashboard that will become a single source of insights and reports concerning all aspects of the mStable ecosystem. Furthermore, we’d like to do this through open collaboration, and in a way that is modular and scalable, so that the dashboard can grow and evolve organically, with contributions from whoever is willing to contribute.

With that short celebratory introduction, let’s recap what was done in July, and where we’re planning to go next.


Continuing from the June API development, we’ve started working on UX/UI concepts in early July. Besides aiming for clean and spacious design, we wanted to also consider future scalability.

Sections & widgets

We dedicated extra time to solutioning a way in which we could build a “one-size-fits-all” approach to dashboard sections and widgets.

The approach is described here for those interested, but in a nutshell:

  • mStats dashboard is split into sections; we call these S1, S2, …, SN.
  • Sections contain widgets. Each widget has a position; P1, P2, …., PN
  • Register of sections, widgets, and positioning is provided in this spreadsheet

The outcome we have achieved is, we believe, satisfactory, because it should make it easy to manage the addition of new sections and widgets. This idea should be tested pretty soon, because the team that is building Governance stats will try to include them as a new section in the mStats dashboard.


Throughout June, we’ve worked on building APIs to fetch mStable data (from subgraph, mostly). We now have APIs for all stats in the live dashboard, and strongly recommend that, for any future stats added to the dashboard, that standardized APIs are built first, and then plugged into the appropriate widgets/sections.

Having standardized APIs for stats and metrics doesn’t only help our dashboard, but enables integrations - some of which have already been suggested by the community.

User Interface

Even though we are only using three widget types in the first iteration of the dashboard, we have many different widget types ready to be used for presenting stats and metrics.

You can see the design mockups here.

Time invested to date

June June
Prototyping 84
Move to AWS environment 52
API implementation 50
API Testing page 8
Dashboard UI design (8) & dev (24) 32
Dashboard development 107
Improvements, fixes 8
Total 343 hrs

The amount of time and resources invested into the project to date - exceeds the grant funding. This isn’t due to anyone’s error; simply, what we’ve built is more than we planned to build.

The scope-creep was a conscious decision, made when we realized that we could achieve a working shippable dashboard if we just continued building for another few weeks.

So we did. And we’re happy that we did; it makes what comes next even more exciting.

Moving forward - August & Beyond

We consider this phase of mStats completed, and are now working on preparing and sharing a future roadmap that includes all the suggestions, feedback, and ideas from the community.

In addition, we will be coordinating with the mStable team to deploy the dashboard in its current form, following some further tests.

Finally, we will apply for another round of grant funding to continue to build in the direction that will add value to the mStable ecosystem.


Maroye M. & Sergey K.
A.K.A. Quakkas


Absolutely love the dashboard! This thing is a beast and would love to see more protocol stats!

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Thank you derc!!! Yes, we are working on a roadmap, lots of great suggestions on Discord… can’t wait to keep building this one…