mStats Project Oct-Nov Update

mStats Development Update

September - October 2021

mStats Dashboard development

Following the approval of our grant application, throughout September and October, we continued to work on the dashboard backlog. Continuing from the initial mStats dashboard release, we spent most of August creating a backlog, submitting a grant application, and discussing all the different dashboard features that might bring value to the mStable ecosystem.

As of the start of November, the majority of features are now ready for release. In this update we will summarize what is about to be released before the end of November.

September-October Grant backlog

Description Type Status
Ensure the “MTA market cap” value is correct Issue Completed
mUSD TVL value could have a discrepancy Issue Completed
Wrong description: Staked MTA Issue Completed
Wrong description: MTA Holders Issue Completed
mAssets summary should split into three widgets Improvement Completed
Visualize “Total TVL” over time (line chart) New Feature Completed
Adding presets for date ranges (D,W,M,Y.,) New Feature Completed
Adding a toggle for eth/polygon views New Feature Completed partially; we implemented network tags per widget, so the dash can be easily filtered by network in the future.
Adding exporting capabilities New Feature Completed;
Add API endpoints for data New Feature Completed;
Create API documentation Improvement Completed;
Hover on line graphs should show actual values Improvement Completed
Give Feeder Pools a separate section Improvement Completed
Ability to share/tweet/embed charts New Feature Completed for sharing link, tweet, and embed
Save layout per session functionality New Feature Completed
Create a process for managing name lookups Improvement Completed; via Json file
Develop a request/review process for new stats Improvement Completed;
Continuous integration & Continuous deployment (CI/CD) Improvement Completed

Quick overview of the new features

General improvements

All “SingleStat” widgets now visualise the trend line, reflecting the selected date range.

Speaking of date-ranges, the dashboard now has shortcuts for common date ranges:

The default dashboard layout is now cleaner, with minimum sizes set for widgets. The user can, however, rearrange the dashboard in any way they wish, and the layout will be saved per session.

Supporting multiple networks

It is clear that the dashboard might evolve in the future, considering there could be more than two networks (Ethereum and Polygon). We considered several ways of implementing a toggle between networks, and decided to start with simply implementing tags, per widget, that show which network, or networks (sum) the stats are showing for.

In the backlog for the next round we will add a global “toggle” switch that simply filters the widgets based on the network.

Feeder Pools get a new section

New section for Feeder Pools has been added - following multiple suggestions from the community, Feeder Pools will grow in importance over time, so having their own section is reasonable.

This new section now shows single stat widgets that were previously in mUSD and mBTC sections, as well as two new widgets: Total TVL in Feeder Pools, and Distribution in Feeder Pools.

The section now looks like this:

Several new widgets are in discussion for Feeder Pools, with some open questions pending on which stats should be included, and how best to present the data. We will add this to the backlog for the next grant round.

Sharing and embedding mStats

It is now possible to share |30.111317891280514x30.64271122518472widgets, embed them, as well as export raw data for selected time periods. Sharing is currently supported as:

  • Share link
  • Share on Twitter (link)
  • Embed

Embedding is also now supported via the share button; the embed code is generated per widget, enabling individual widgets to be embedded anywhere.


Exporting data

It is now possible to export raw data endpoints for most of the stats: |86.60005668934241x26

The user needs to select the date range, the endpoints they would like to export, and the format.

API access and documentation

Throughout this project we are aiming to build standardized APIs to fetch all relevant data. As a result, we now have somewhat of a catalogue of APIs - for stats and metrics that we use for the dashboard, but could also enable integrations.

Naturally, for APIs to be useful - people need to know how to use them - so we’ve created API Documentation which will be available at

The API key can be requested via the dashboard page.

Time invested to date

Design - 5.42h

Development - 98.92h

September June
PM & Specs 16
UI Design 5
Development 74
PM & Specs 18
Development 98
API Setup, documentation 8
Deployment 4
Total 223 hrs

Moving forward - November & Beyond

Some of the previously discussed improvements and new features for future grants include:

  • Dashboard toggle switch for networks
  • Advanced time/date selections (YTD, MTD, specified year, quarter, month)
  • Mobile UX
  • Report generator - ability to select widgets/sections and generate a PDF
  • Addition of new stats (TBD with mStable Community)
  • Addition of new widgets to Feeder Pools Section
    • distribution
    • liquidity chart
    • swap volume chart
    • relative [selected period] increase/decrease in liquidity/swap volume
    • price of fpool token (ideally should be 1$ but could be off peg due to large swaps)
  • Treasury section or page for mStats
    • Collection of stats related to mStable Treasury reporting; some examples:
    • Monthly & Quarterly Revenues from product suite (Feeder Pools / Buyback & Make / Swaps / Save)
    • Treasury Positions & PNL in deployed yield farms as a Balance Sheet style (Bancor / dTOP / Uni V3 / Visor Finance / Convex)
    • Total Value Locked across the ecosystem for each product & total
    • Monthly & Quarterly Trading Volume on Swaps & Fees Generated
    • Liquidity Mining Expenses from MTA Distribution
    • MTA Expense tx from the Treasury into the Funding subDAO (Core Contributors / Ops / etc…)
    • Product Performance of dApp (Usage / TVL / TV / Efficiency) vs competitors (Curve / Yearn etc…)
    • MTA Inflation Schedule Breakdown (Investors / Liquidity Miners / Core / Public Rewards) for the next x years
    • Cost Review from emitted MTA into public / obligations from schedule
    • Any unmentioned mStats related metrics consolidated in a quarterly fashion
    • Relevant Metrics for Core Competitor Analysis (Curve mainly, and favorable comparison charts)

The above scope is pretty open, and we will try to discuss with other metanauts the priority features, so we can prepare a backlog for the next grant round.

We look forward to it!

Best Wishes

Team Quokkas


Great work and exemplary transparency reporting guys, mStats was one of the first grant recipients and you’ve been leading from the front since. Can’t wait to see the new features.

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Thank you so much ser! It’s been a pleasure to work on this, and we look forward to working on more features in the future!