PDP12: Which bAssets should be included in the mBTC basket?

Posted by a representative of the mStable protocolDAO

The protocolDAO is proposing the creation of a new mAsset, mBTC, which unites various Bitcoin-backed ERC-20 tokens. Mints, redeems and swaps with bAssets are not 1:1, and instead determined by a new AMM-based design (ICSMM) described in detail in MIP-6.

When mBTC goes live, it will initially have 4 underlying BTC bAssets. What should they be?

Please note that snapshot only enables voting on one choice. Vote for the bAsset of your choice. The four bAssets with the highest percentages will be included.

Further discussion is encouraged during the voting period as votes can be changed at any time prior to the vote closing, and voting is free (gasless).

  • renBTC
  • wBTC
  • sBTC
  • bBTC
  • tBTC
  • pBTC
  • hBTC

Live snapshot proposal here: https://snapshot.page/#/mstable/proposal/QmPazAGNUx3ATn1k6hwwcaFSfkhgpc99JNHaSJGW3tMnvf

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