[Proposal] Role Upgrade for Cat Herders


Following up on this successful internal motion by the mStableDAO, it is hereby proposed that the current Cat Herders for the ProtocolDAO (dimsome) and mStableDAO (mZeroNine) receive an upgrade to their existing work contract that currently has them employed for ca 2hrs/day for the respective DAO into a more demanding role that will increase the workload to 3 full days per week (8hrs/day), and eventually arrive at a full-time role that will have them work 5 full days per week (8hrs/day) as Cat Herders for the respective DAO.

This proposal specifically wishes to ratify the change of occupation from the current role of ca 2 hours/day into the above-mentioned half-time role of working 3 full days per week for the respective DAO. This change will add further responsibilities and an increased compensation to the role, with a brief summary of the key facts given below:


Start date - July 1st, 2021

Compensation - 2500 mUSD & an additional 2k USD monthly paid in MTA, calculated from the 30 days VWAP of the previous month. This will be paid on the 10th of every month (or the closest workday following if the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday) from the mStable Fund Manager wallet which in turn receives the funds from the mStableDAO treasury.

Both Cat Herders voluntarily commit to locking all MTA rewards received in the mStable staking contract for at least 12 months from the commencement of this new and upgraded contract, including the migration from the v1 staking contract to the new v2 scheduled to be released in September. This means that all MTA rewards can be redeemed at the earliest on the 1st of July 2022.

Roles and responsibilities

  • c.8hrs per day, 3 times per week allocated toward making sure the mStableDAOs and ProtocolDAOs governance processes run smoothly. This includes:
  • Maintenance of open communication threads on public channels such as the forum and Discord
  • Organising and conducting DAO signer calls and maintaining curated records of these meetings
  • Making sure DAO signers reach quorum to execute transactions in a timely manner
  • Managing proposal workflows to ensure they are voted on and discussed when they need to be
  • Writing & posting on the snapshot pages as a comms representative for the DAO
  • Compile and consolidate internal signer feedback in regards to the respective DAO
  • Calibrate between the different DAOs of the mStable ecosystem to ensure smooth day-to-day operations
  • Maintain and continue building out the internal Notion workspace for the respective DAO
  • Acting as a liaison between the wider mStable community and it’s Community Manager (Lord of the Discord) and the respective DAOs

Independence from the mStable Genesis team - This role is performed for the mStableDAO and ProtocolDAO respectively on the behalf of the mStable Community and all stakeholders.

Next Steps

If successful, both Cat Herders will commence work in the upgraded role as described above and continue in this role until the proposal for a full-time position resolves, which will not happen later than the 1st of September 2021 . This intermediate step is present to ensure that the increased workloads are ramping up slowly and gradually, and that both Cat Herders have adequate time to adjust and accommodate themselves with the new responsibilities prior to the full-time commitment and make necessary arrangements to transition out of old work engagements.

Pending no significant objections, this proposal will be taken to a public Snapshot vote on the 1st of July 2021 and will remain open for 5 days to give adequate time for a concurrent discussion here on the forum.

We’re super stoked and excited to be moving this role to the next level, and are looking forward to input and feedback from Meta Governors and the wider mStable community.


Thanks for this proposal @Dimsome

I am excited about you and @mZeroNine increasing your involvement in mStable and think the ramping up approach (3 days and then by September revisit to see whether this should be increased to full time) makes sense. I also think the token vesting (1yr lock up in staking) is important for some level of long term commitment to mStable.

If this passes, I’m personally looking forward to working with you both more closely! :smiley:


Bullish on @Dimsome and @mZeroNine - legit a f


Fully support. M09 and Dimsome will continue to be key liaisons as we continue down the decentralization pathway.

As a side note, I like this transparent approach–perhaps something we could apply more broadly in the future.


This is big for me personally! Thank you for your support @james.simpson , @alsco77 , @Cold_Summer . This means a lot to me!


I am squarely for this - our Cat Herders have become a key part of the mStable ecosystem and whilst independent from the Genesis team, get a massive amount of stuff done. I look forward to formalising their increased involvement with a target of continuing to increase commitment to full time positions later this year :up:


Thanks for the feedback and flowers everyone. Really appreciate the vote of confidence from you all for this next step forward :smile_cat:

Apologies for the slightly delayed voting, but only just got back from my vacation to organize the wind-down of my old work engagement.

The public vote is now live, and Meta Governors have until Sunday to cast their ballot!

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