Publishing weekly "mStats" reports

Dear all,
Over the past month or so, there’s been discussions on Discord on how we might create and present a weekly mStable report.
The idea is to capture some of the more important stats and metrics, and publish it on a weekly basis, in a way that it can be shared via socials, and also mailing lists.

Thinking ahead, the goal would be to automate this reporting, and also improve the report UI. Furthermore, building a unified dashboard - one that can become a reporting tool in itself - is also a goal worth exploring.
This would enable reports to be done in real time for any given time period; in addition to weekly, a monthly, quarterly, and even anually, would have value.

Here is the report in PDF - ending 4th April:

Editable version is available here:

These are manually prepared, by taking data snapshots from various sources - from mStable mUSD & mBTC pages, to dune analytics dashboards.

Looking forward to feedback, comments, questions, and contributions :wink:

Dundo Maroye


Fantastic work @dundomaroye - great to see this up and looking forward to watching it grow over the coming months!

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Outstanding work, and very much looking forward to the newly published reports from here on out to see what’s happening in the ecosystem!

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I love seeing dashboards like these!


That’s a fantastic idea!

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@dundomaroye do you want to publish these dashboards on Twitter?

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Yes I think so. What do you reckon?

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Dear all,
here’s the latest weekly mStats for the period between 5th and 11th April.
Some adjustments had to be made to the template due to the addition of feeder pools (and increased TVL).


Screenshot is for reference.

Any feedback, questions, or comments - always welcome :wink:



I love these! Let’s definitely publish them weekly on twitter @derc

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