We launched in its current form before the protocol had launched.

mStable has grown up a lot since then, and we clearly need a better way of communicating what the project is and where its value comes from, and to a wider audience.

In the coming weeks we’ll be spending some time working on this and refreshing the face of mStable so that it reflects where we are and the ambitions of the project - and to make public and live all the development happening to deliver value for the community.

My thinking at the moment is to concentrate on serving these audiences:

  • mStable community members wanting to contribute, to governance, to liquidity, or anything and everything else
  • DeFi users (who may or may not have used mStable)
  • People new to DeFi trying to work out what on earth is going on
  • Developers interested in integrating with mStable, contributing to it, or joining the project
  • Projects or potential partners interested in mStable

What do you think would be most helpful here? I think Compound and Uniswap both have some great approaches we can learn from.