✅ [RFC] H1 2022 Community Signer Rotation


This RFC would like to gather feedback surrounding the timely rotation of the current community signer seats in the ProtocolDAO and the TreasuryDAO based on resolutions executed in MIP 21. For the ProtocolDAO, 2 seats will be once again made available for election, whereas the TreasuryDAO will rotate one seat.


With the 6 month term of the community signers coming to an end, the ProtocolDAO and TreasuryDAO are once again in need of some core community members to take over the current signer positions.

Currently, @OliJ is the elected community signer for the TreasuryDAO, whereas @lonetree and @trustindistrust are the signers for the ProtocolDAO.

Based upon MIP 21, all three signers can once again run for the election in the upcoming thread, should the RFC resolve without any objections.


As previously stated, the decentralisation the DAOs of mStable is a key goal for the project. This follows the long-term goal that mStable is to be “controlled not by a single entity but by a global community of Meta Governors.” This step will maintain the same level of transparency towards the multisig transactions performed by the two DAOs, and an additional instance of reaffirmation by the community.

Of particular note this time is that the entire DAO structure of mStable will most likely change in the coming months, and more responsibility given to DAO signers, which will also mean a change in compensation and scope.

Therefore, it is suggested that only individuals with the willingness to take such an increased workload on (eyeballing around 10 hours per week) apply for this round, as we’re still finalizing some points in this regard and can’t give exact details about this yet.


  • Maintain decentralization in the mStableDAO multisigs
  • Ensure signer seats are occupied by active community members
  • Give new core community members an opportunity to step up


  • Same structure is retained for this cycle, with the same decentralization assurances as last time only

Next Steps

It is suggested that the community comment on this RFC in the coming days, and bearing no significant opposition or change in ideation, we would move ahead with this RFC in the coming week and create the Election Thread to be put to Snapshot vote afterwards.

Meta Governors are encouraged to provide as much feedback as possible until then, so we can create the best possible outcome for mStable and its users.

Fully support this, it was great to have our community signers on board the ProtocolDAO!

I wonder when we could expect that such an increase in workload might start?


That’s an excellent question! I think with the overall new strategy for Governance, this can happen rather sooner than later, but I’ll spend a lot of time next week thinking this through with the rest of the team and then we can hopefully present a RFC for this in the forum by the end of next week or a bit after that the latest!

Suffice to say, we should still move ahead with the elections, but given the rapidly changing structure, perhaps it be wise to wait an additional week until the other RFC has made it’s way to the forum, what do you think? :thinking:

We could also include the ProtocolDAO signer rotation then in the other RFC and close this one to move ahead wit elections as soon as the next RFC has been ratified.

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Thanks @mZeroNine. Unless anyone has strong feelings about moving this forward more quickly, perhaps it makes sense to hold off temporarily so that any potential candidates have more of an indication of how the demands of the role might change in line with the upcoming proposal.

This RFC could still be useful as a reminder that the rotation is approaching and to gauge interest from current signers to continue or new candidates to put their name forward?

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback guys, I will close this off for now then as resolved and pick it up again when we tackle the RFC for the bigger restructuring and enable the signer election process via this avenue!

Thank you for your patience everyone, it’s much appreciated!