✅ [RFC] Whitelist Abachi Multisig to stake MTA

Abachi acquired recently some MTA and would like to stake this in Staking V2 on mStable. The MTA is in our Multi-sig and we would like to request to whitelist our address in order to allow staking MTA from our Gnosis Safe. Abachi plans to acquire more MTA both via buying from the market and our MTA and Stable pools. These will be added to the treasury backing and staked.


This RFC requests to whitelist the Abachi multisig in Staking V2:



We recently started to use mStable Save for generating yield:

  1. 500k into Save on Ethereum Mainnet.
  2. 500k into Save on Polygon

Alongside this investment MTA was aquired as well to use in Staking V2. This would allow us to boost our MTA rewards, to participate in governance and to represent our interests within the mStableDAO.


  • Allows partner to have a stake in the protocol and participate in governance.


  • No cons
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Hello! Glad to have you invested in mStable’s Save products and even better would be to welcome you as our governor into the mStableDAO. I am 100% onboard!

I think we should think about a permissional proposal for the future by which we would allow Multisigs to be whitelisted by the ProtocolDAO without the requirement of the lengthy process of proposals. We should tackle this after this proposal is resolved.


Fully on-board with this and wholeheartedly agree with @Dimsome to standardize the whitelisting process for DAOs and other projects in the future.

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100% supportive of this. Could we even go a step further and automate whitelisting of Gnosis Safes for staking? Not sure of the technical details here, but perhaps there’s a way to confirm if an the address is a Gnosis Safe instance?


Excited about this collaboration. I’ve been super impressed by the Abachi team and product. I’m super pleased to see Abachi see value in our core product Save and deposit a substantial amount in there.
@Dimsome agree we should make this process less heavy on partners

Last call for comments, will post the proposal tomorrow. Feel free to voice opinions in there, if any. And target Monday to start the Snapshot vote