✅ [RFC] Whitelist Balancer DAO Gnosis Safe


We recently conducted a swap with Balancer DAO. This swap was executed and Balance DAO is now wanting to stake the acquired MTA. This can be only done when we whitelist the multisig address in the Staking V2 contract.


With the introduction of Staking V2, we limited the contract to be only able to stake via an EOA. Additionally, the functionality to whitelist certain addresses was added. Now this RFC requests to whitelist the Balancer DAO multisig:



Since we conducted the swap, the MTA should be able to be used in the Staking V2 contract and subsequently to vote on dials. The intent was to give Balancer DAO a voice in the Emissions Controller and allow them to vote on their pools. We should whitelist this address because this was the intention of the swap.


  • Allows the Balancer DAO multisig to stake the swapped MTA and vote on gauges.
  • Decreases free supply


  • Probably none

Next Steps

We should expedite this process to allow Balancer DAO to stake as soon as possible. We will put this Monday to vote with the accompanying MCCP posted to the forum. I don’t expect any pushback, however, if you do have concerns, please make your voice heard in a very timely manner.

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Fully in support of this, aligned with the desire to propel the utilization of the Emission Controller

Fully supportive of this and agree that it should be expedited as allowing staking was very much the intention of the swap. In the future I imagine that a provision for whitelisting relevant addresses could be part of any swap proposal.

Supporting this fully. Maybe it’s a good idea to earmark a bundle of potential whitelists for the next batch, as otherwise we’ll need to create a lot of governance overhead for future DAOs in the coming weeks if we do it this way.

Yeah, I agree, should be part of any proposal of this kind in the future. No need to have a separate one.

If we know the list of partners, then sure can batch propose them :slight_smile:

Fully supportive, as indicated in other threads