Signer Rotation for June 2021

Posted on behalf of the mStable ProtocolDAO

Signer Rotation

It is proposed that the signer with the address


is removed.

The ProtocolDAO nominates circlo with the address


as a signer.

Next Steps

This signer rotation proposition will be taken to snapshot vote on Monday, 28th June 2021. Voting will be open for a 5 days window.


Hey folks,

I’m Chris - currently 1/2 of the frontend side of things at mStable. I followed mStable since the Mesa launch & have been working on all things frontend here since November '20.

Happy to join the DAO!


hash: 0x852ce13472538c865ecd5f2812b36b4e90c4bad96c20d2cb56bd9856129243bd4a05e5de8034d1c15bf302480e00fd95d1658c3bffa9f44d56611e49f85b2f5c1b
message: circlo

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 15.03.55

I can verify, it’s real.

Anyone can verify this message via: Ethereum Verified Signed Message


I’ve no objection to this :ballot_box:

Voting is live:

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No objection to this and having known Chris for a while now, can certainly vouch for his integrity.

In future, I would be in favour of formalising election to each DAO similar to how Synthetix do it. I think having terms and formal elections would mean that the signers (or “Councillors” as they call it) could be more empowered to make some decisions on behalf of the community and MTA Govenors. Also more generally am keen to have more publicly available colour on new signers in future elections.


Going to vote in favor of this, as I have only seen good things from Chris before. I’d also enjoy seeing a bit more of a formal resignation from the old signer and reasons of why the signer rotates out, and based on which process.

Definitely not a problem now, but I think especially for multisigs some form of transparency is important, even if the actor is pseudonymous or anonymous by default.

I could see this Synthetix approach becoming very powerful for our treasury as well, seeing that once we start yield farming on a more regular basis, needing to vote on a dozen transactions weekly might become very fatiguing for the signers, and a more flexible and regular rotation of signers in and out of such a position might make it a powerful tool indeed, but that is for a different thread :))

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Yes, pretty much agree with both of you! The next available signer rotation could be open for anyone to be nominated and voted in.

One thing that we need to make sure, is that the signer group always needs to be able to reach the required signers threshhold.

More on that will be discussed soon !

To give a bit more context to this: The signer with that address choose to withdraw. On the reasons why, I am putting this at the discretion of the signer to comment.

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Been impressed with the responsiveness and involvement of Chris, who has been a pleasure to be around and extremely helpful to community members having UI trouble (also our front end is outstanding). I support this.

I also think @shubidoobi and @james.simpson bring up excellent points. Establishing strong, transparent process will lay the groundwork for a successful pathway toward further decentralization.