Stake MTA but the gas fee is very high?

I am andre and i am new here.

Just now i tried to stake MTA and it costs me almost 9 dollar to approve(network fee) and after i click “Lock up and Stake MTA”,the gas fee costs more than $100 so i canceled it.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

Hi there, welcome Andre!

Yes, unfortunately with the higher ETH price and the increased usage, the gasfees can be quite high at times.

A few fhings that can help:

  • Have a higher amount or accumulate more before staking (Ideally you can even wait for staking v2). This way the relative amount of the fees is lower.
  • Wait for a period when gas price are lower. I found Sundays is usually best.
  • Deposit to Polygon and deposit the MTA into the Balancer pool

Feel free also to join our discord if you have any more questions!

Hi Dimitri,

Ok thank you so much for your information and i have just joined the group and they are cool!