✔️ TDP 37: Pre-approve BPT Locking & Voting for veBAL

Simple Summary

It is proposed to pre-approve the locking all current and future BPT that the Asset Management subDAO custodies to be used for the upcoming veBAL Tokenomics revamp in order to direct gauge weight and subsequent BAL rewards to the 80/20 MTA/WETH pool on Balancer v2 in order to increase rewards for the mStable ecosystem.


The current ve-tokenomics are all the hype in the DeFi ecosystem, and Balancer is also jumping on this narrative, which does make a lot of sense given their model of BAL distribution.

In order to be able to have our own treasury take advantage of this upcoming change, it is suggested to pre-approve our own BPTs that sit in the Asset Management subDAO and lock these token as soon as the new tokenomics release on the side of Balancer in order to enable to redirect BAL rewards to our own 80/20 MTA/WETH pool.

This is a strict improvement over our current strategy that regularly compounds all accrued BAL rewards from our 80/20 BAL/WETH pool back into the position and leaves the BPT sitting idle in our multisig wallet.

Instead, we would now perpetually lock these BPT into the new staking contract and direct the gauge voting power into the 80/20 MTA/WETH pool, which will increase BAL rewards over time to this pool.

Regarding the MTA/WMATIC/WETH Pool on Polygon, there remains some slight uncertainty around if the Polygon MTA/WMATIC/WETH pool should be included in the strategy for our veBAL strategy as well.

BAL rewards on Polygon do not directly benefit the treasury, nor the BPT Meta Governors’ BAL allocation, but do passively benefit the ecosystem by incentivizing the Polygon pool with additional BAL on top of the inflationary MTA rewards from the Emissions Controller it already receives.

Therefore, the following options for allocation will be presented in the formal vote:

  • Delegate to Ethereum Pool Only
  • Delegate to Polygon Pool Only
  • Delegate to both Pools (75% ETH / 25% Polygon)
  • Delegate to both Pools (50% ETH / 50% Polygon)
  • Delegate to both Pools (25% ETH / 75% Polygon)
  • Delegate to Neither / Different Strategy


The mStable Asset Management subDAO currently holds roughly 450,000 mUSD worth of 80/20 BAL/WETH BPT, and is compounding 100% of these rewards back into the position. With the release of the updated veBAL tokenomics model, leveraging this position further by locking all accrued BPT in their staking contract for the maximum amount of time (1 year) will give the multisig the ability to direct BAL rewards directly to our native 80/20 MTA/WETH pool and thus increase BAL rewards for for all MTA BPT stakers in our own ecosystem, which is a great value accrual mechanism for MTA itself and gives an additional incentive to stake MTA on this position.


1.) Lock current BPT allocation in Balancer staking/locking contract

2.) Delegate voting power to the Governance Coordinator address to be able to participate in gauge voting

3.) Use voting power to vote for the Pool(s) on Balancer according to the outcome on the vote

4.) Compound rewards back into BPT token to increase gauge voting power in perpetuity

Next Steps

Pending no significant changes to its content, this proposal will be taken to a Snapshot vote on Monday, the 4th of April 2022 .

Voting will be open for a 5 days window to give adequate time for a concurrent discussion. Governors can change their vote at any time should the discussion sway their decision. We look forward to hearing what MTA token holders have to say and seeing how they cast their votes.

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This is a very much needed Proposal and very timely as well.

My favourite would be this choice (full transparency):

Delegate to both Pools (75% ETH / 25% Polygon)

Thanks for this. I think it makes a lot of sense to pursue this strategy. A few questions:

  • DAO should have an option to review whether to continue this strategy after the 1 year lock ends.
  • Is the 450k mUSD of BAL both from the token swap and the accrued BAL?

I would also suggest this: * Delegate to both Pools (75% ETH / 25% Polygon) but open to hearing others’ thoughts

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

To answer your questions:

I think the locking mechanism is very similar to the CRV one (correct me if I’m wrong here), so the DAO would simply re-lock the BPT every so often in order to maintain the same amount of voting power. Not re-locking BPT perpetually would decrease the voting power on the gauges, and thus, the BAL rewards for the pools.

The BAL came from the token swap, as well as some super early BAL from the TreasuryDAO (@jwpe might know exactly how they came to be), and compounded BAL from the 80/20 pool.

Concurring with you guys as well that the 75/25 allocation seems to be the most sensible to start out with, and then take it from there as we can observe results in rewards :grin:

This proposal is now live on Snapshot, and Meta Governors have until this Friday to cast their vote!

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Voted! thanks @mZeroNine

This proposal has resolved unanimously in favor, and we’ll be deploying the BPT voting power in the allocation decide upon by Meta Governors (75% Mainnet / 25% Polygon).