Transitioning to community governance

Would like to give some thoughts and also opinions on how we can move towards a sustainable model of community governance.

It would be up to community (and MTA token holders) to help map out the governance process and standards that will drive mStable forward.

I think how the process should start would be a discussion around a proposal - it could be a forum or in Discord - obviously Discord has some limitations around following the topic - but the key focus should be to gather as much information, data and knowledge about a proposal and gather the community’s support around your ideas.

Providing some signal (e.g. yes/no) with an explanation or data to support your view would be ideal - this would help the community to make informed decisions with a balanced viewpoint. As new ideas get floated, we could edit and extend the original discussion to new proposals.

We should avoid making rash changes to the protocol with short term/uninformed views as far as possible.

I think once the discussion has reached some form of maturity we can look into a proper signalling/voting process. Of course once on-chain voting is live, the process might look different.

Once a proposal is passed/voted, then there’s obviously a period of time where the proposal needs to be vetted/audited for feasibility and any protocol changes that’s not a parameter change might have to be coded by the team - this takes time. Not every proposal will just get implemented readily.

Happy to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.


Wholly agree. Right now there are good discussions in discord but important posts tend to be lost and there are no good way of actually gaging how many people are for/against.

I suspect a lot of holders also can’t keep up with everyday discussion in the discord, but still be interested in having a say in proposals when explained in a concise format. This forum seems to be much better for it

I’m thinking we open this forum to the public asap. I’m aware that it introduces work load for our moderators, but a full time community manager who is hopefully starting Monday should ease this pressure.
Im on board with Derrick’s proposed flow here. Already we’ve dropped the ball on a few open threads here, so getting ways for community consensus to be more binding is also welcome. Opening this forum public is a concrete step in that direction. Any help on how we manage this thing once it is public will be appreciated!