TreasuryDAO Fund Management - Transparency Reports

Hello everyone,

as ratified in TDP 41, this thread serves as a monthly reporting tool to show Meta Governors transaction flow within the mStable Asset Management subDAO.

All transactions are reported on a monthly basis on a per-post basis, so it’s easy to find the relevant section easily and without much effort.

If you got any questions or feedback, then please feel free to use this thread, as I’ll keep a curated list of months on top for easy navigation.

Transaction Index
May 2022
June 2022
July 2022
August 2022

Asset Management subDAO Transactions for May 2022

Deposited 248k mUSD in mUSD/3pool
Locked 3504 CVX
Compounded 1987 CRV to cvxCRV

Traded 0.78 sBTC for 10.36 sETH

Swapped 16.68 sETH for ETH

Entered 50/50 WBTC/WETH Pool with 6.19 WETH and 0.46 WBTC

Index Coop
Swapped 11 ETH for 10.91 icETH (as per TDP 39)

Created a Uniswap v3 MTA/WETH position with 1M MTA (as per TDP 40)

Swapped 71,497 sUSD for 3097 CVX
Swapped 0.46 sBTC for 0.46 WTBC

Asset Management subDAO Transactions for June 2022

Unstaked saave LP position
Liquidated saave LP position

Aura Finance
Deposited Airdrop & 80/20 BAL/WETH LP tokens

Sent Buyback & Make Pool tokens to ProtocolDAO for liquidation
Sent 500k DAI to the Funding subDAO to enact TDP 42
Sent 1M DAI to the TreasuryDAO to deposit into Alchemix (in anticipation for the mStableDAO Restructure)

Asset Management subDAO Transactions for July 2022

Aura Finance
Staked 50/50 WBTC/WETH Pool tokens

As you can see, there wasn’t a lot of AM subDAO action this month. This is entirely due to the mStableDAO Restructuring and us anticipating to move most positions back into the TreasuryDAO upon resolution of the Signer elections later this month!

You can expect a myriad of transactions later this month! :sunglasses:

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Asset Management subDAO Transactions for August 2022

Aura Finance
Claimed AURA rewards
Unstaked 50/50 WBTC/WETH & 80/20 BAL/WETH Pool Tokens

Token Claims
Claimed cvxcrv, CRV, CVX, 3crv, BAL, AURA, AAVE

Token Transfers to TreasuryDAO
Sent Uniswap v3 position, DHT, ALCX, cxmusd3pool LP token
Sent UNI, 50/50 WBTC/WETH LP Balancer Pool Token, cvxalusd3pool LP token, TRIBE
Sent cvxmusd3pool LP tokens
Sent cvxcrv, CRV, CVX, BAL, 3Crv, AURA, auraBAL

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