True Balancer LP pools available, let's pool together!

If you are a Balancer user, the 25×4 pool is looking great. I just added $600 an hour ago…

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I put $1k into the 95:5 pool too because I am bullish on MTA due to recent events, not price.

On the 25x4 pool…
Address: 0x902d58a84af3ac8d9d384393be6c21449a6fd40b
0.09% swap fee is lowest on Balancer for all pairs in the set, it will get a few % feeAPY too when more liquidity.
possible MTA earn rewards pool if voted! (Would :rocket: apy)

The 5:95 pool…
Address: 0x8b7333eb8c072523441f5eba8bf7680c0d931ddd
5% BAL APY (low ratio factor)
0.10% swap fee… “Bull pool” for those who want to earn interest while staying primarily in an MTA position.
possible rewards pool if voted! :crescent_moon: apy if rewards are added

The mathematically efficient and effictive proposal for making these rewards pools is here:

(@ admin, i will be using this post to promote the pools and ecosystem)