[Voting] Consolidate unallocated MTA in mStable genesis team's various addresses to mStable DAO

As part of mStable’s ongoing transition to DAO governance over the mStable protocol, the genesis team proposes that all unallocated MTA for public use purposes be consolidated in to the mStable DAO. Tokens would be consolidated in this address under control of the mStable DAO:


The rationale for this includes:

  • Decentralisation of the MTA treasury from genesis team custody to a broader group of stakeholders nominated to be signers on the DAO
  • Preparation for automation of EARN rewards and other roadmap items
  • Preparation for full on chain governance driven by Meta Governors

It is anticipated this will become a Snapshot poll on 11 January 2021 for full governance. The genesis team wants to solicit feedback prior to this happening.

Should all unallocated MTA currently custodied in the mStable genesis team’s various addresses being consolidated into the mStable DAO?
  • Yes
  • No

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This proposal is being voted on now.